Types of Poker Games

Types of Poker Games


Whether you play online poker, in a club, or at a real live table, poker players have a wide range of different strategies they use. There are several different types of poker games, including Draw poker, Straight poker, Lowball, and Split pot poker. These poker games vary in terms of betting limits and how players must play their hands, and players can learn how to play these poker games to maximize their profits.

Straight poker

During the game of poker, a Straight poker hand is one of the most important. This hand is used to win the game. It is composed of five cards in sequential order. The card in the middle is the ace, which may be high or low.

A Straight poker hand can be formed with cards from 4 to 8 and can be used to win a poker game. The Straight poker hand ranks sixth in the poker hand ranking charts.

Draw poker

Typical draw poker games include two betting rounds. However, some draw poker variants involve three betting rounds. There is one betting round following the draw and a final betting round to close out the hand.

There are many draw poker variants, but the most common is the five card draw. Each player receives five cards and is required to make the best five card hand.

Draw poker games involve discarding cards during the drawing rounds. This allows the other players to guess what the player holds.

Lowball variants

Generally speaking, Lowball is a poker variant that involves the evaluation of hands by the highest card that has not been paired. This ranking can be altered depending on the game. Most commonly, the Ace-to-Five lowball ranking is used, but the Deuce-to-six lowball ranking is also used.

Lowball has a unique rule that allows players to win with a lower hand. In some cases, the pot will be split if two or more players have the same highest card. When this happens, the highest traditional hand splits the pot, and the second highest hand goes in the other half.

Split pot variants

Unlike some other games, Split Pot variants in poker do not require folding. Instead, players place their equal stacks aside. Stacks with lower denomination chips can be left behind to be given to the player with the best hand.

Split pot poker can be a fun game to play. However, it can also be frustrating. The fact that you can’t play two bets at the same time means that your chances of losing are increased. You also need to have an analytical mind to play split poker.

Spread limit variants

Unlike no limit poker, spread limit poker offers a wide range of bet sizes. In addition to the smallest bet, players can bet in range, bet in the middle or bet in the biggest. A spread limit poker game’s betting range is typically a range of two to six dollars.

Typical spread limit poker games are the Texas Hold’em variant. This is the most popular variant in the western world and is most commonly played in private games and at online poker sites.